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The Active Participation of our Community Changes the Lives of Women Fleeing Violence.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Families and community members play a crucial role in assisting those affected by violence against women (VAW). Studies show that women in abusive relationships turn first to extended family, friends, and neighbors before reaching out to an organization or professional service provider.

How can you support someone in an abusive relationship?

  • Listen with empathy and do not jump to problem-solving.

  • Ask how you can support and help them become empowered.

  • Encourage the small steps in leaving an abusive relationship by offering them resources.

  • Remember that women in an violent relationships often cannot just leave. It is important to create an exit plan for their safety.

You can call our crisis line at 613-234-5181 to speak to a counsellor today.

Interval House of Ottawa could not meet its goals

without the active participation of our community.

  • Donating to support the women, children, and pets at IHO.

  • Volunteering your time at IHO. We are always looking for volunteers to assist with events, building maintenance, a virtual class, or administrative tasks. (We are unable to have in-house volunteers during COVID19.)

  • Having a virtual fundraiser to help create awareness and resources in your community

  • Collect items that are needed (Wishlist) for the families staying at IHO.

  • Use your voice to advocate for women, children, and pets affected by VAW.

  • Be a role model for respectful interactions towards women and children.

  • Follow Interval House of Ottawa on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, and share the information.

Thank you for your support!

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