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Child & Youth Services

Children and youth that have lived in an abusive home can be deeply impacted by violence. That’s why we have created a child & youth program that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Through supportive interventions, children learn ways of discussing and coping with their past experiences through a variety of activities. Our child & youth counsellors provide support to not only the children but also their moms and facilitate programming and support groups to encourage healing. Every child is unique and will act and cope differently after leaving a violent situation. Chatting with a professional offers children an opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment and mothers an expert opinion on how their child is doing.

Our child & youth counsellors will also liaise with and/or make referrals to other community service providers on issues such as:

  • daycare;

  • schooling;

  • recreation; and

  • children’s health.

Each year we provide shelter to approximately 180 children.

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