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Community Engagement

Eliminating violence against women is very important to the work we do at Interval House of Ottawa. Our organization’s vision is a community committed to healthy and respectful relationships, free from all violence and abuse. This is why we actively work toward increasing awareness of the issue of violence against women and providing a better understanding of the impacts of family violence. It’s our hope that through education we can reduce the tolerance for violence, thus reducing violence within the lives of women and children. ​

Community Engagement Services

Our comprehensive training ensures our staff, board members, and volunteers are well equipped to present the issues and possible strategies for ending violence against women. We’ve developed a number of educational opportunities on a variety of family violence topics that we offer to any organization or group that is interested. Each year we’re able to reach over 450 people by facilitating events such as:

  • workshops;

  • speaking engagements;

  • presentations; and

  • media interviews.

We collaborate with all levels of schools, youth groups, spiritual groups, community health & resource centres, other health & social service providers, and the general public to raise awareness and develop strategies to end violence against women. ​

If you’re interested in having a speaker from Interval House of Ottawa at your next event, contact us today!

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