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Escaping Violence Together

Interval House of Ottawa is now accepting cats, dogs, and other small animals into residence with their family members! 


We know that when there is one form of violence in the home, everyone—including pets—are at risk. Abusers use the killing, torturing and beating of pets—or the threat of such actions—as a weapon to ensure submission and silence from their victims. Concern for their pets impacts women escaping violence. Many women delay leaving the abusive relationship or consider returning to their abuser to protect their pets; to escape violence together is essential.

IHO is the only shelter in Ottawa and surrounding areas to allow women, and children into shelter with their pets. Not only are we protecting the pet, we are supporting the emotional and psychological health of women and children. Pets are an integral part of the family unit, reducing loneliness, isolation, stress and anxiety. They provide unconditional support and love and increase people's ability to handle difficult situations and trauma.

To address concerns of fear and allergies, this beautiful pet housing area is separate from our common areas in the shelter. The pet housing area includes two pet friendly living rooms with wifi and TVs; separate living areas for dogs, cats and small mammals; a room for food preparation, sanitation and laundry; and an enclosed large outdoor yard for exercise and play.

Woman with Pink Ribbon

I donate to IHO because... "When I heard the number of women who stay in violent situations because they couldn't bear to leave their pets, it made sense to me. I was so glad to hear of a safe place for women who can escape with their fur babies."

- Current donor

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