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IHO thanks the Koble team for their commitment to ending gender-based violence!

Established in Ottawa in 2014, Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage is the National Capital Region’s leading private and locally-owned investment real estate brokerage. The Koble team serves business owners, private investors and professional real estate organizations. Koble's mission is to leverage their expertise in real estate, resources and relationships to help their clients and team to enhance the quality of their lives.

Marc, Graeme, Jessica, and the team at Koble have been an invaluable support to IHO. Their incredible passion for GBV prevention and their sincere generosity have allowed us to continue our work in serving survivors and their families in our community fleeing violence.

How did you hear about and get connected with Interval House of Ottawa?

Jess: I saw a person at a busy intersection in Ottawa asking for help because she had been a survivor of partner violence. I stopped to ask if I could do anything to help. We talked and through our conversation I learned that she was receiving support from Interval House of Ottawa. It broke my heart to think about all of the difficult and overwhelming things this person would be dealing with during their crisis, and of how many other people must be in similar crises.It gave me a lot of hope to know that there is a place to go for help and people dedicated to supporting those fleeing abuse.

What inspired you to give to our organization and support survivors of violence and their families?

Graeme: After hearing about Jess’ encounter with a client of IHO, we set up a tour with Keri and walked through the premises.

Frankly, what we learned with regards to the need, was shocking. To hear that IHO alone had to turn away almost 1,000 women (plus dependents) was both alarming and heartbreaking.

The team at IHO is passionate about what they do and believe in the mission to help women in crisis, while raising awareness of the problem of gender-based violence as well as of their own services. We saw the impact that the team at IHO had on the community they serve and more importantly how desperately resources are needed to serve those that are being turned away. We wanted to leverage our resources and relationships to help out in any way possible.

Why is our organization & mission important to you?

Marc: There are an enormous amount of people suffering from violence and abuse in their relationships. It could happen to anyone and we understand that the pandemic has exacerbated the problem both locally and nationally. People need support to break the cycle of violence, especially if they have dependents and/or pets. The team at IHO works so hard to help others navigate services that exist, and to provide community and support so that people aren’t alone in a time of crisis.

What would you like to see improved or changed when it comes to gender-based violence?

Marc: Ultimately, we would like it to end. There are significant systemic and societal issues that need to be addressed to begin to tackle this issue. IHO is doing everything they can to meet the needs of the community and address the repercussions of gender-based violence. To that end, we would love to see more beds available for crisis housing as well as intermediate housing as families re-integrate and rebuild their lives. Furthermore, we would love to see the community step up to provide the financial support so that IHO and their partner organizations in our city can work together to proactively address the systemic causes of gender-based violence through education, awareness, peer support etc. Right now, there is a critical need for more beds, and we want more people to be aware of how significant the need is. We want to inspire others to join us in helping IHO support women and children in Ottawa with safe and secure crisis options, as well as the creation and development of proactive initiatives and advocacy.

How can others help?

Jess: We encourage our community to get involved with IHO, as their services are undoubtedly essential to survivors in our city. Not only can you help IHO through financial donations to support with their greatest needs and new, innovative programs, but they also accept in-kind donations and have a wishlist of much-needed items on their website. IHO also hosts groups for volunteering opportunities, with tasks such as painting, outdoor yard work, and assembling furniture. Reach out today to get connected! It goes a long way in supporting survivors of violence and their families in our community.

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