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Mother's Day at IHO

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Noah is eleven years old and arrived at IHO shortly before Mother's Day in 2015. He was eager to join the other kids at IHO in preparing a very special Mother's Day for all the moms staying at IHO. The kids gathered together while moms were in a meeting to prepare surprise gifts for moms to receive on their special day.

Mother's Day cards from the kids at IHO

With the theme of growth and blooming, the kids painted their hands to make flower art. On each flower pot, the child wrote why their mom is so special. "She loves us even when we have a bad day and we're not nice," says Nicholas, age 6. Others say, "She keeps us safe," and "She does things with me." The kids were incredible excited to surprise Mom on Sunday with their art and stories of all the reasons why she is the most incredible woman in their world.

IHO mother's day gift

The kids also prepared potted flowers. Seven year old Salma was careful in her selection of a flower for Mom, choosing one that had not yet bloomed so mom "can watch it grow." Noah noticed that some bedrooms were awaiting residents, and they would probably arrive before Mother's Day, so he insisted on preparing and decorating flower pots for those moms that arrive before Sunday so they, too, would have a gift on their special day. Not satisfied with labelling each pot with a room number, Noah labelled each one for "#1 Mom."

While he was potting, Noah explained, "Mother's Day is every day, not just one day," and the kids discussed ways to appreciate mom every day of the year.

"I can ask if she wants a glass of water when she gets home, instead of her asking me," says Sophia, age 8. Ten year old Kyle says, "we should wait for everyone before we eat dinner," so they can eat with mom rather than having her serve the children before eating her own meal.

On Mother's Day morning, Noah was excited to surprise his mom with her gifts and share in a breakfast prepared by IHO staff. They enjoyed the day together, celebrating all that Mom does for her kids every day of the year. About her special day, Mom says, "when a woman is down, show her some kindness and it will build her right back up."

mother's day dinner at IHO

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