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Learn about the Impact of Violence Against Women on Children in Your Community.


School is around the corner and this is a strange new world to embark on for children, parents, teachers, and our community. Many are having to make a difficult decision on sending their children to school or to follow up with virtual learning from home. There is no easy answer and we must support the decisions of each individual family and how their household deals with COVID-19.

For some students, school may be safer than home. Teachers and other school staff can help children and youth who are exposed to Violence Against women in their homes. These adults have the opportunity to observe changes in behavior or other signs of trouble in a child’s life.

COVID-19 is altering family dynamics in ways that threaten to put already vulnerable children at increased risk of abuse and neglect. It is our responsibility as a community to speak up if we see signs of abuse.

Violence against children and witnessing against women has lifelong impacts on the health and well-being of children, families, communities, and nations.

Violence against children can:

  • Result in death

  • Lead to severe injuries

  • Impair brain and nervous system development.

  • Result in negative coping and health risk behaviours.

  • Contribute to a wide range of non-communicable diseases

  • Impact opportunities and future generations

Each year Interval House of Ottawa provides shelter to approximately 180 children.

We are here to ensure the women and children in our community have a safe refuge and

support system that is needed during these trying times.


More Resources available our Community

Abuse doesn’t just affect the people directly involved. Don’t be afraid to reach out for your own support as you are helping your friend or family member. Your safety should always be kept a priority.

Interval House of Ottawa 24/7 crisis line: (613) 234-5181


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