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Animal housing — The design

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Community Veterinary Outreach (CVO) co-designed the area with IHO following housing guidelines developed at the University of California Davis. We made the decision to renovate a portion of our oversized basement in order to respect the diversity of our clients and address allergies and fear of animals.

IHO pet housing construction

Our animal housing area will include fully enclosed spaces for dog house; cat housing; small animal housing; a room for food preparation, sanitation and laundry; and a pet friendly family room in which women and children can play with, and be comforted by their pets. We will also be creating an enclosed outdoor space for play and exercise.

Allergens and odors will be contained with a separate HVAC system, and a designated washer and dryer for animal bedding and towels. The animal housing area will also be soundproofed to ensure that barking or other noise does not reach the main living space of the shelter.

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