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Project Rise

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Project RISE

The Westin Ottawa recently offered to work with IHO to create Project Rise - a way to support families in shelter with a much needed mental health break. This past summer two families participated in Project Rise, one of which was Gita and her three children.

Gita and her family were provided with one week of accommodation at the Westin, meals, and arrangements for local activities including transportation. Gita says her family thoroughly enjoyed a week of beautiful summer weather and Ottawa's downtown events, while also experiencing the excitement of the hotel. The kids went swimming every day, and her six year old son couldn't stop raving about the pool! The Westin's child minding service even supervised the kids one day so Gita could receive a massage from their spa services; a very special respite just for her.

A vacation at the Westin was a well-deserved break for families on their journey to recovering from violence. IHO is truly grateful to Michael Overton and all the Westin staff for making these special events possible.

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