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Planning for the future

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

By Angie Kelly, Board of Directors

Now that I have a daughter my outlook on the future has changed. I realize that my actions today will shape the woman she becomes tomorrow. I question myself a lot - am I teaching her to be a good person? Will there be enough money for her education? Is it okay if I feed her pasta again?

I also think about what the world will be like when Abby is grown. I wonder whether it will be a better place tomorrow than it is today. Will cancer be cured? Will flying cars finally be here? Will violence against women be eradicated?

Despite the great efforts of organizations like IHO, I believe with certainty that gender-based violence will exist long into the future.

board member, Angie Kelly

Like me, you might be wondering whether there is something you can do today to help women and children facing domestic violence in the future. There is. A gift in your will allows you to make a gift today that will make a difference for years to come.

Leaving a gift in your will is easy. If you are drafting a will or codicil, you can make a gift to Interval House of Ottawa by using wording such as:

I leave to Interval House of Ottawa, PO Box 40089, 2515 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1V 0W8, or its successor, a (share or percentage of estate, a specific amount of money, specific securities or specific items). I direct this money to be used as its Board of Directors chooses.

By creating a gift today to benefit IHO in the future, you can help women and children facing violence without affecting your current finances or financial plans. You may also be able to make a significant gift, one you may not be able to afford to do in your lifetime. And there is the added benefit of tax savings to your estate, which may even increase the amount of money you would be able to leave to your loved ones.

So, I hope you will join me and consider making a gift in your will to help women and children who are fleeing abusive relationships in the future. I pray that Abby never has to face domestic violence, but if she does, I know that IHO will be there to help her.

For more information on leaving a gift in your will to IHO, please contact

IHO encourages you to seek professional advice before deciding on a bequest or other planned gift.

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