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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

If only you walked one day on my feet

Felt the pain when my heart skipped a beat

Felt the pain that I feel

then you'd realize these emotions are real.

What if you stopped breathing when flashbacks occurred?

Could you handle the torture I endured?

Would you be strong or weak?

Answers are all I seek.

How would you cope when your self worth is none?

Sitting around watching everyone happy, having fun

Would you lose your mind?

Answers are all I want to find.

If you went through what I have would you disappear?

Or would you stay living in fear?

Questioning why this had to happen to you.

Answers are well past due!

How could a human cause so much damage

Only a heartless, pathetic savage

Could give pain no human could bare.

Answers are all I want to hear.

Did it make you feel like you had more power

Abusing, using me, being so sour

Did your self-esteem rise by giving me a blow?

Answers are all I seek before you go.

How could our legal system protect you?

When abusing and taking advantage of women is all you do.

A former IHO resident

wet rocks

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