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A survivor's story

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

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When I walked away from him it was the best thing I did for myself. Walking, and wondering where I was going, if space was available at a friend's place that he did not know about. I started thinking a friend's place would be a bad idea; my friends like to drink alcohol and my goal is to stay sober while I think about life and where I go from here.

So as I was walking, I said to myself "call a shelter." The first one I called was Interval House of Ottawa, and I was so thankful that they had space. My heart was jumping for joy, and here I am.

When I'm here at Interval House of Ottawa, I feel so relaxed and wanted. I don't have worries about anyone putting me down, or looking over my shoulder and wondering when they are going to shout at me. I feel so at ease that I enjoy myself.

I get to do the things I want to do for a change. I feel so happy when I look in the fridge and see no booze; it makes me realize that this is the kind of fridge I want for my next home. I get to sleep well at night and talk to the staff if I want to talk, instead of keeping it in. The thing I like most about Interval House of Ottawa is the sense of peace.

Sometimes I wonder where the other women and children would be if this place didn't exist. Interval House of Ottawa is a very good place for all women and children in need, so they don't worry about fleeing. Interval House of Ottawa made me feel safe, instead of getting stressed out. I like the confidentiality, not to worry about anyone finding me. This place makes me feel like a whole person again, and I am finding myself.

A former IHO resident

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