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The Dream

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Another set of bags

Packed and ready to go

Another empty room

Filled with the sound

Of our anguish

Walls bare

Boxes and suitcases

Carrying the stories of our journey

City to city

Across the miles

We've kept our hearts

Open wide with hope

Encountering those

Who were meant

To be guiding lights

Graciously accepting their love

In awe of an unconditional gift

Here we stand united

Here we stand strong

With blood as our bond

It was the belief


That I sang to my babies

Through the days and nights

Of a life unknown

A foreign world

Where our laughter

Drowned the pain

Of our struggle

Where the foundation

Of a true home

Should, could and would

Have been built

hand holding a candle

Room to room

Bed to bed

Blankets to hold tight

Yet never warm enough

To ease their souls

They sought out my light

And as a mother does

As a mother will

I found my strength

I raised my head

From the cloud of uncertainty

I carried us farther

To yet one more city

One more room

One more address

Answering the insanity

Of my choices

With the sanctity of my faith

It is with bittersweet tears

It is with blissful joy

It is with humble gratitude

It is with a heavy heart

It is with sheer anticipation

That we begin

Yet another chapter....

A former IHO resident

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