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Achieving dreams after IHO

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Maria and her husband came to Canada in 2009 without any friends or relatives. Maria was isolated without support systems in a new country and immersed in a new language. She didn't know if violence was normal in Canada and had no one to support her when she needed to escape to a safe place. After finding her way to IHO, Maria learned that relationship violence is not okay. As she and her children learned to become independent people again, Maria was also supported to find safe and reliable housing in the community. But her journey did not end when she moved out of IHO.

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The Transitional Support Program (TSP) Worker continued to provide support for Maria for one year after her departure from the shelter. As Maria was now a single mother, she struggled on income assistance to find childcare and employment while also adjusting to a new life after trauma. With the support of her TSP Worker, Maria built upon her strengths to find childcare, maintain a full-time job and enlist in the Social Worker Program. Now, Maria is a young woman in control of her future and is supported by the TSP Worker to create a plan to transition through her short-term goals and achieve her long-term dreams.

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